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Waterfalls of New Zealand – Part 3 – Oakley Creek Waterfall

I knew about the Oakley Creek Waterfalls but have never gone there.

Until today, I took a risk, but was either do or do not at all. I walked across a very busy street both ways to a park and walked down a steep bank. I crossed a bridge that was no more wide than your shoulder width and with no rails, plus this has a reputation for being dodgy for a woman on her own.

The ground was sodden and it was in-between rain and no rain.

However, the risk paid off and won’t probably do it again unless I have company.

I returned on another path to the street which were stairs going to the road, glad I did not have to go over that bridge again. 

The Thumbnail is the Oakley Creeks Waterfalls.

It is an area but the old Carrington Mental Hospital which now only has dangerous mental health patients who will never be allowed into the public for public safety.

Once, there was a farm for Mental Health patients who worked on that for life and mostly they were very happy, but some of them could have gone into the public sector and as long as they took their daily medicine, were quite safe for the larger community.

I think some people to be honest could do with that farm to be away from those who harm them or be away from where they harm others, and I am speaking of those who have taken so many drugs and are dependant on alcohol for good and they have harmed people because nothing much is left to prevent them from continuing down a destructive road for themselves and others..

While for some others, they are fine in the public, they live normal lives like everyone else, just take their medicine and have people who love and support them in the wider community and harm no one.

Now what was left of Carrington has become a Technology Institute of Education and I suppose that can also be towards the good of society as well. Life evolves and things do change for better or worse…

#1 First sight of Oakley Creek Waterfall

It is a curtain type waterfall. I don't advise swimming here at all.

#2 View from the top of the Falls.

#3 Another view.

Some sign there telling you to take care ...I would not walk across the top but there are bridges.

#4 Looking Down again

Surrounded by bush, not a nice place to be alone for a woman on her own but today I was safe. 

#5 Top of the Falls

I am standing at a lookout.

#6 View from a Bridge with rails

One side calmer muddy water, it is full of mud most of the time, as it is a stream through the mud.

#7 Looking on the other side of the bridge

White water

#8 Stairs

Not a good photo but I managed the stairs. It is in concrete so the steps are stable.

However, I would not recommend this walk to the waterfall of Oakley Creek to anyone with a disability in the area I walked in. You need reasonable fitness.

There are better bridges around Oakley Creek but I am not sure you would see the falls.

What do you think?

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