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Wacky Wednesday – 2 Parrots

There is always something Wacky about birds, especially Parrots. These 2 cool customers I photographed at Henderson Bird Barn while shopping for a larger bird cage for Louis.

I don’t know what they are talking about but parrots are very sociable birds from my observation. Beware they can also bite you as well. 

They listen to you and respond in their own wacky way,

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    Good to have a sense of humour isn’t it?

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. they are probably making fun of all the people walking by 🙂

    There is a great show called “bird brain” done by a number of scientists measuring just how smart birds really are.

    Crows are incredibly smart, can learn complex instructions.


  2. They are so quick to understand and play along, our rescued parrot used to sing ‘Jesus loves ,e this I know’ in the mornings when I tell him to pray or when he is hungry. However during the day it is always rhymes and any other crap that comes to his mouth.

  3. Those two certainly seem to be having a good time. That blue and red one exhibits gorgeous color. The other parrot is just as pretty but its colors are more common. For a reason or another I do not think I would ever keep a bird in captivity in a cage as they can fly all around unlike cats and dogs. But to each his own… The fact remains that this shows two lovely and colorful birds.

    • Some birds in New Zealand would die if they are let free, other birds would seek them out and kill them as what happens to budgies. Nature is cruel sometimes. Our Louis is let out once a day or twice to fly and he actually prefers his cage, it is his home.
      Thanks HistoryGal

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