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Wander project water, considering Sharks…

What path will you follow? One of the things I learned about boating many years ago, is that as long as there is water (and of course depending on the size of your boat, the amount of water is important), you can go virtually anywhere. You cannot go into water that is too shallow unless your intent is ground the boat. You can also stop, drop anchor, and be stationary. But for the most part, as long as you are careful, you can go anywhere. It is that freedom that water represents. Although based on the news right now, I would be less likely to wander closer to the beaches on the Atlantic coast right now. There have been three separate Shark Attacks on the North Carolina shore in the past two weeks.

I have a healthy fear of sharks. With the water being warmer in the Ocean right now, they are coming closer and closer to shore. So are Rays, that is also dangerous for humans.  The small fish that Rays and Sharks snack on is moving closer to the beach. When prey moves, predators move as well. We haven’t seen a shark live, in the Bay yet. There are many Bull Sharks, but they are not as aggressive as the Great White Sharks are. Most great whites, don’t have a great vision, so telling the difference between a thrashing and playing human, and a seal, is difficult. We don’t get into the water of the Bay, but there are a lot of people that anchor and swim!

The fun thing for us is to get out and see things. We are scanning the horizon and the sonar for submerged objects. Avoiding Crab Pot markers (we were a bit closer to one accidentally). But for the most part, we like to zip across the water. It is relaxing. Sometimes, accidentally, we hit a wave just right, and the spray flows over the boat. There is a wonderful cold feeling as the sea spray (well it isn’t 100% salt water) washes over you.

I am not, by the way, advocating the removal of sharks from the Ocean. They have been there for millions of years. That is their right to exist! I am simply going to be a little more careful about where we fish going forward. I don’t want to argue with a shark!


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