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Wander project wandering with family!

(all of these pictures taken on my solo trip to Australia)…

Being away from home can be taxing. I was always able to adjust to the local time zone in a couple of days. But not having my wife or the kids around was something I never adjusted to. Over the years, we’ve gone to many places with the kids — a few places, just my wife and me. My wife got to go with me to Mexico City and spend a week. I was teaching a class during the week, and she explored the city. We spent the weekend wandering Mexico City! The other trip we got to take just the two of us was to Paris.  Traveling alone was always a little harder. There was no one to share with. I took a lot of pictures. I told my wife that until she saw the pictures, the trip wasn’t really for me.Mexico, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta were vacationed we took with the kids. Two different cruises in the Caribbean. We also ended up visiting the Bahamas and Grand Cayman with the kids. We got to see so much of the world with the kids over the years. It is so important to get kids out of where they are and show them the rest of the world. It is easy to believe my part of the world is the best part of the world. I am not anti-nationalist. I love where I live. Rather, there is so much more in the world than what we see out our window. I always tell my children the most important skill they can have is to be able to stop and consider the other side.You don’t have to agree with the other sides position. But if you know where they are coming from, understand where they are, it is easier to find common ground eventually. My grandfather taught me that. He also taught me if the other side digs in, stop arguing and walk away.  Entrenchment probably dragged the first world war on a year longer than it needed to go, thousands of lost lives. Family vacations for me are the best. It is fun to show my wife and the kids places I’ve been to. It is also fun when we go to places I’ve never been. Our trip to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) was a place I had never been. Wandering Norway three years ago, was a place I had never been.Family is the gift you get to have with you all the time!


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  1. I did not saw any troubles traveling with two kids, we loved our travels, but now, when children grew up, I found some magic in traveling only with my husband. I love it too. Nice photos for the memories.


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