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The origin of the family history project, for me, was the passing of my father. But my wife parents passed a few years before my dad did. They, my in-laws, were awesome and supportive human beings. The pictures today include a visit they made to our house in Indiana in September 2000. They, my in-laws, were living in Tallahassee, Florida at that time. It is funny, most of my family other than my wife and I, stayed in Indiana until recently. My sister and her husband moved to Chicago in the past couple of years. Before that my wife and I were the rolling stones on my side of the family tree. On her side of the family, everyone in her immediate family left Indiana. The rest of her aunts and uncles stayed in Indiana.

My wife’s closest cousin also left Indiana.  My wife’s brother moved first to Alabama and then to Florida. My wife’s parents moved first to Hot Springs, Arkansas and then to Florida. So while on one side we were the first to leave Indiana when we moved to Ohio and on one side we were always the furthest away from family, on my wife’s side we were the last to leave Indiana. So far on either side of the extended family, we are the only yo-yo family. Yo-yo is moving out of the state, then back into the state and then leaving again.  I guess that is the nature of families sometimes. Some stay, some move and some never go home again. I still love to head back to the place where I spent the majority of my childhood.

Still, the pictures today are of the people that raised my wife. They were grand people.  My wife and I met in Bloomington in the fall. My in-laws to be were in Hot Springs by then. It was the Thanksgiving (the only one we’ve spent apart in the last 29 years) that my wife was heading to Alabama to see her family. I was heading to Cambridge Wisconsin to hang out with my family. We decided three weeks before that separation that we would get married. That event freaked her parents out and freaking my parents out. We had been dating for two weeks and decided to get married. It took both sides a little time to accept the sudden change. My wife’s parents invited me to visit with their daughter and granddaughter that year right after Christmas.


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  1. It is always got to spend time with everyone in the family if possible. When my mom passed my mother-in-law became like a mom to me. When she too passed my husband and I both felt like real orphans.


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