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Wander project to the Bay and Back again!

A father’s pride is the beginning of the pictures. I do not, in fact ever get to take pictures as the boat enters and leaves the slip. It is normally my job to do that. Yesterday it wasn’t my job to take the boat out of the slip or to put the boat back into the slip. My daughter came along for our Sunday trip on the boat and her for the first time, did both jobs. Beaming father standing at the ready. She needs to practice and be more confident with the process. You need to be smooth and relaxed, Plus she will also need to do it on a windy day. The wind moves boats a lot! But, again beaming father (beaming parents) our daughter accomplished the task handily. Proud parents!

We wandered out to the edge of the Bay and the back towards the other side of the Rhode River basin. I don’t know that it is the Rhode River on the other side. Looking at a map, it isn’t Rhode River. But when considering where we are in relations, I am calling the Rhode River basin. We got to go to the edge of the bay. My daughter brought her good friend along, who had never seen the actual Bay. So, off to the bay was the first part of the trip. The river we come out of is quiet. Because of the trees around the marina, the wind will normally not be a problem unless the wind is from the due west. Then, it becomes a bit more precarious as you wander towards the slip.

Today’s interesting Bay Fact. This year is predicted to be one of the best Maryland Blue Crab harvest years in the last few. It is interesting also enough the first year in the last 20 that the Bay itself is warmer than normal. The temperature was around 85 degrees when we got on the boat at the Marina. As you leave the river, you end up on the Bay. The air coming off the water is cooler. Normally by 15 or so degrees. This year the water is warmer, so we won’t get the 15-degree difference later in the year. But yesterday was perfect. The air was crisp and cool once we cleared the Rhode River. You could feel the temperature drop as we came out into the broader and deeper water.


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