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Wander project through my father's eyes 6

The Wisconsin River, runs in the State of Wisconsin through pretty much the middle of the state, heading towards the Mighty Mississippi River.  I may have to put together a compilation of my father’s Wisconsin River pictures near the Dells, and my grandfather’s pictures of the same places. I know they were often out and put together, so many of the pictures were taken at the same time. But they also tended, the two of them, to go to the same places. Some of my favorite pictures of me when I was young are from around the Wisconsin River. I grew up loving water; I got that from both my parents. They loved water probably a lot more than I do.

The pictures today are of the river just a little outside Wisconsin Dells. My father was born in the hamlet that was Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. His parents, at that time, lived in an apartment above my grandfather’s shoe repair store. There were always cousins and other family members at the house. My dad, however, was seldom at the house. Dad loved being outdoors more than anything. That continued to the end of his life. His love of gardening, of trees and of being outside is something I share part of. I love being outside, on the water, walking but the gardening thing is one I never really got. What’s funny is that my wife and I love to go boating.

Our twins, not-so-much with the boating thing, unless the boating is part of a video game.

There is a picture, as well in this batch of one of the old tour boats. I first remember riding on the Dell’s tour boats when I was five. I have vague memories of stopping, looking and riding on the boat. I may have ridden them before then, I had also ridden them when I was older. But the first time I remember I know I was small because my parents towered over me.

My biggest Dells memory remains getting fudge with my mother while everyone else was napping!


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