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Wander project through my father's eyes…

There are things all couples like to do. I know my parents loved having parties. Every year growing up, my dad would have his students to our house for a dinner party. The other thing, besides parties that I know my parents loved was traveling. The itch to move about the country for my parents came long before the advertisement did. My mother’s path was Chicago, Cambridge and then Madison (later Whitewater where she met my dad. My dad’s journey was Wisconsin Dells to Whitewater then two years in the army (mostly in Kansas then back to whitewater where he and my mom got married. After marriage, they went to Michigan, then back to Chicago. It was in Chicago that I appeared.

Then my middle sister, and then it was Ames Iowa for a summer. It was no longer just mom and dad; it was we! The moves continued until my parents settled in Bloomington, Indiana. That has been, or that was there home for most of the last 30 years. But they still traveled. Dad’s professional career took him often out of the US. The pictures today from my father’s MISC folder, all caps, by the way, was my dad, not me. The folder has many different interesting pictures. Not sure why dad created the folder. Except in knowing his sorting system, I think I can hazard a guess as to why a MISC folder. He kept the pictures he loves din named folders just like his slide collection.

These were pictures he liked but not pictures that he loved. So they ended up in the dust bin of history — the MISC folder. He threw things in that folder (quite a few in fact) when he copied things off of his memory cards. I think he only did that if he thought I was coming to visit. There were many memory cards that had pictures that weren’t copied anywhere else (please copy pictures off your camera memory cards, memory cards fail MTF ~3 to 5 years). The MISC folder was his storage. In reviewing the pictures, there are a few duplicates but some that are unique. Funny how we store pictures sometimes. Keeping the ones, we treasure and forgetting the ones we don’t love as much.


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  1. Your family has “documentation” blood and takes care of it properly. I only save 10% of all the pictures I took since I was a teenager. My own father only has one large photo album that contains various images which when compared to your father’s collection like earth and sky.

  2. I often find myself seeing a scene, an event, and taking a photo because I was interesting then.
    Later I forget, and later I delete it because it’s not up to me.
    Family photos are permanent memories I keep.


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