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Wander project the sea day…

After leaving Legoland, we had a sea day on the way to Rockstock Germany.  The piano player is in the main lobby/central area of the ship. All the cruise ships I’ve been on has that central area. When we went on the Disney Cruise, they did the pictures there. Somewhere in our packed old picture collection that has yet to be scanned is the picture of the five of us on the Disney Cruise. We had to hang up in our house in Indiana, but it has been packed since then.  It is strange, over the years you put pictures away. I have a picture of Les and Joan Ralstin (individually) that my wife can’t have where she sees them. She misses her parents when she sees them.

Europe is a lot more open about alcohol and minors. The drinking age for the Cruise was 18, so the twins were able to drink, one of the twins doesn’t like the taste, so he tried a few things but didn’t have their drink. The other twin tried some different drinks. They tried some strange drinks with my daughter and wife. I either had a beer or a scotch. Every day we walked around the top of a ship, to make sure we were over 10,000 steps a day. Then we would hang out in one of two lounges. The Mid-Ship lounge was near the Disco. I thought, having survived Disco once, that Disco was dead forever. But there are still places that have Disco floors, and the Costa Cruise ship was one of them!

We would play cards and relax in the lounge. I love the sea day of the cruise. That is the day when there is no port of call, just the sea. We were heading from Denmark to Germany. The open water was forever as we traveled. We would arrive at Rocsstock in the late night, entering the harbor in the early morning. But the sea day was spent chilling. The last few pictures are of our assigned table, waiting for dinner on the Sea Day. We only had one or two dinner crisis on the entire trip. The first was the fact that my daughter struggles with things that have eyes. She had to leave the table and go back to their stateroom because of a prawn that was glaring at her.


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  1. It was another nice day on the boat … this music salon looks fantastic … but alcohol is no problem for us … if you are 18 and money can flow in streams …. Scandinavia is it is more rigorous in terms of alcohol and limbs are very expensive … Finns take ferries to Estonia just to get around the ferry


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