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Wander project the long and winding road, is nearly done!

Last night was the last event before the Wadding today. Wadding of course comes from the wonderful movie Father of The Bride starring Steve Martin. It was the rehearsal dinner. This is my only post today, but I am focused on the wedding and need to get the day rolling now. I like to take odd pictures, and the truck parked next to where we parked was odd. The play on words as I walked towards the restaurant made me laugh. I think of Butchers Block, I think of Butchers knife, but I do not think of a Butchers Hook. I know, it is an odd picture. I took it because I couldn’t take the picture. Then, as I turned towards the restaurant to follow the twins, I noticed I had lost my wife.

She is the maid of honor or mom of honor in the party and was kind of important. I turned around and saw my next picture opportunity. Yes, I am having our hair done in the parking lot of the restaurant. No one was willing to French braid my hair which was upsetting I have to say. I thought that my 9 or 10 remaining hairs would look wonderfully braided — no one else though that. In the long run it may have just been me.  Sadly the reality of the hair that has left makes braiding the remaining hair a lot riskier. We walked into the restaurant in Frederick Maryland. We have lived in this area for eight years now. In that time we have probably been to about 20% of the restaurants in the area.

The one we went to for the rehearsal dinner, was a place we had never been. The twins said “it looks like a mansion.” Our room was upstairs, and the main customer dinner seating is on the main level and the lower level, There are private rooms upstairs. It was an amazing room. The overall layout was a fireplace at one end of the room and the tables in the rest of the space. There was a moveable wall that could open the room up to seat two or three times as many people. The buffest was in the annex style room or bonus room on the backside of the fireplace. I gave Dutch’s Daughter 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp. You can see that review here. Now, we have to survive today (the actual Wadding!)


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