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wander project "the first wedding"

Today I am sharing pictures of the actual wedding. I promised I wouldn’t share these until after yesterday. The actual wedding occurred in May. Well the legally binding ceremony was in May. The delightful reception with toasts and delightful interactions was yesterday. But the civil ceremony was held in the Courthouse of Franklyn Maryland. I was expecting a judge, a bench and a service in a courtroom. Instead, we got a nicely lit room, comfortable and perfect for a wedding. No judge required and not standing in a courtroom. The entire process took longer waiting than the service did. We didn’t wait that long either, and I just wanted to point out that the wait was longer than the service.

Oh yeah, and the wait to go into the room wasn’t long either!

Frederick Maryland is an old city, and we enjoy going there. We went to Frederick once a week for the Twins and a game they were involved in playing. We would drop them off and wander off to restaurants. We held the reception/grooms/reseal meal the night before (Saturday) that I shared pictures of yesterday, in Frederick. The restaurant was Dutch’s Daughter, I figure with a name like Dutch. We drove up and parked behind the courthouse and walked into the building. We stood and waited for the folks (witnesses) that were coming. Then we checked in with the country clerk. We didn’t even have time to sit before we were off in the room.

The ceremony was beautiful, and I have many pictures that I will share later. I did promise my son-in-law that I wouldn’t share them until after the event of yesterday. The lighting in the room was soft, I was worried that the pictures wouldn’t turn out, but they turned out so well.  I will share more memories of the event yesterday, but today I am a little fried. I was on my feet for around 8 hours and talking for a whole lot of that time. I did manage to convince the twins to speak and welcome their new brother at the ceremony. They, the twins, were the highlight of the event. Without a doubt they gave the best speeches of the day!


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