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When I walk alone, I get lost in my thoughts. When I walk with others, I get ost in conversation. I love both walks. I don’t walk alone as often as I used to back in the day. Unless it is really hot outside, I am normally walking with either a lab or two labs. R&D has taken over the walking process in our house, and made it their walk! I know that previously I never thought about what it meant to have someone that wanted to go walking with you. Certainly, there was a time, when the twins and our daughter were younger, that we walked bout the neighborhood on the weekends. The kids would grab their razor scooters and tear off, my wife and I would follow behind walking.

With the addition of Raven to our family, the twins and I made a deal. No dog if they didn’t agree to walk the dog every day. Now the two dogs own the walk!  Except when it is hot. Then Raven isn’t as happy. She still runs around inside, getting ready for the walk, but she wisely slows down when it is really hot. Sometimes when the temperature rises, we have to be slower to make sure we are ok. Humans, dogs, and other animals can easily overheat. Being prudent is a wise choice. I have, over the years, pushed myself too hard when it was really hot. I know it is important not to do so now. Raven learned that lesson very early and slowed down when it is super hot!

The last part of our walk is a choice. When we arrive at the clubhouse, we can turn left. That takes us back to our house, on the shady route. The second route is also shady, but it includes the hill that Raven hates. We normally make the call based on how hot it is, and how tired the dogs are. The shady path that doesn’t include the hill. It is flat and runs through the neighborhood. The other oath is also shady, once you get past the front of the neighborhood, but includes the hill. In the winter, Raven doesn’t care about the hill. In the summer she hates it! Dylan just wants to be on his walk but, since they are both getting older, we need to be careful of them overheating.

do you ever feel like you are going the wrong way?


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