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Wander project the beaver and the pond!

Once in the world, there were larger beavers that roamed the earth. Instead of gnawing down saplings and small trees, I wonder if those giant beavers could bring down a tree? We had a beaver visit our pond for two years. They, the mama and poppa beaver built a log nest on the far side of the pond from us. They were only there for two years. For someone reason, the male beaver decided to cross the road (Olive Branch) instead of using the creek under the bridge and was hit by a car. Mama and kits moved further up the creek to another pond after that. I know they moved to the pond up the creek because I followed them after poppa was killed to see where they went.

Our neighbors were split on the beavers. First was the group that was concerned. We lost the tree we had planted at the edge of our yard, but that wasn’t a huge deal to us. A couple of our neighbors wanted to call animal control to have the beavers evited. Do you evict beavers or just pick them up and move them. Here, the ranger saying is your home now. The second group of which my wife and I were a part was enthralled having the Beavers in the pond. When the beavers left, the less friendly and frankly less cool Muskrats moved into the pond. I supposed in fairness the muskrats were still cool to have in our pond but not as way cool as the Beavers.

The pictures are of the Beaver on the edge of our backyard that led down to the pond. Their home was across the pond in the section of unused land. There were two houses at the beginning of the front pond of our neighborhood, and then a section of land, that was the edge of the pond that was in our back yard. The Beavers appeared in the pond about three years after my daughter and I had started to watch the cartoon Angry Beavers. We, of course, named the Beavers the Angry Beavers. My guess is, it was truly a coincidence but well anyway.  Still, it was fun to see the Beavers build their home. They never built a dam over the creek area, because they already had a pond. But their house was cool!


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