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wander project remembering the faces

The faces in the pictures that I see, they are not the faces that are. Although I see these faces in the ones that are now, they are different. The human face changes over time. Not always in ways we understand. Teeth come in, and as two-year-olds, small humans bite. They bite because they can because the teeth are there, and in biting them can express more than they can with words. The teeth that animals use to warn other animals. Not sure that a human is as dangerous as a tiger. Although more people die each year from the bite of a human than from the bite of a tiger, shark, and lion combined, I guess a lot of humans are biting. But that isn’t the point of the reflection.

This ramble, this diatribe today, is a reflection of the smiles that used to be. These pictures are now memories of the faces that once were. I remember these faces.  These are the children that joined our journey along the way. Each of these pictures is of a face. Or faces sometimes, twins are often together. The pictures begin with my daughter. She arrived when we were in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the only child born in an apartment. Well, she wasn’t born in the apartment. We were living in an apartment when she was born. The twins were born after we had moved to a house in the Western Hills area of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our daughter had many nicknames over the years, but the thing that she did upon arrival was change everything.

I cannot describe the moment I first held my daughter. It is a moment that sits in my heart. The twins were a harder process than my daughter. We were living in the house then, but because of the many complications that twins often bring with them, my wife was on bed rest from the 14th week of the pregnancy until she was hospitalized on the 31st week. The blur that was that last week, then births and holding each of the twins for the priestess of seconds as they were whisked to the incubators. I will never forget those moments either, but different to me more scary, more rushed. The faces have evolved. We’ve added one along the way, our son-in-law now part of the inner circle. But, for a moment, let’s recall the faces that once were!


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