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Images today are from London.  Dreams and words are from today. I know that the simple answer is usually the best. The reason for that is always based on complexity. Complexity can be a horrible end to just about anything. The more complex the answer, the more likely the answer is risky. But, I also know that I enjoy the reality of a good Rube Goldberg machine.  My grandfather used to always say a good fence gate swings both ways. A good ladder never swings. I know as the child of my father and mother that my parents shaped who I am. But I also know that my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers helped shape who I am as well. So did teachers that impacted me.

The thing about humans is we are not formed fully when we are born. There is much to be learned. As an apex predator, humans, unlike gazelle, are born helpless. That is the function of apex predators. They are born less dangerous otherwise, fully formed tigers would overrun the earth. As we wander ever closer to the family change at the end of this month (actually the first day of next month), I am reflecting and reflecting both on myself, but also on the children that are part of my life.  Children are both a measure of a parent, but they are also unique to themselves. That balancing act is something I know I struggled with as a parent. What is refraction, what is a reflection, what is unique?

But on the other side, I am a reflection of my children, is also true. That children are both who we are, who we were but also our potential — some things we do not like. We do, after all, hate most in others the things we wish we could change about ourselves. Not, by the way, that becomes the only thing we do not like about others. Rather that we often start first within ourselves. I sit and wonder sometimes. In part because of what is coming. In part because of what has been. I am thinking about what will be, what was and may yet come. I am proud of the Twins. I am proud of my daughter. The three of them picked up and moved to Maryland. The three of them picked up and moved away from Ohio. I am proud of them!


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I think all parents are proud of their children even though it may not be the way their parents imagined. I think a lot also depends on what kind of society the children are in and how susceptible they are to accepting the good and the bad.


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