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Wander project pictures by my father, memories of my parents

My mother was at my daughter’s wedding as were my two sisters. I was happy that so many people could be there but having mom there just made the day special. She was the only person at the service that had known me my entire life. So sadly she couldn’t laugh at most of my jokes in my toast, she, like my children, had heard them far too often. The pictures today are one taken by my father, one taken by my grandfather and then pictures of my dad were years ago.  Growing up I had a tough childhood. My parents were nice to me. My parents helped me. My parents guided me. That I have to say was tough. Well actually it wasn’t, but it sounds better to complain.

We started, mom, dad, and I in Chicago Illinois. For me, that is where I was born, but it remains a huge part of who I am. I love the sports teams in Chicago. Each of the professional teams I love has won a championship in my lifetime: the Cubs, The Blackhawks, Da Bears, and Da Bulls.  My all-time favorite American Football player was Walter Payton.  Chicago is my sports town.  But when I turned five years old we moved from Chicago Illinois to Bloomington Indiana. I love Bloomington, and I met my beloved wife in Bloomington Indiana. I could not imagine my life without her, and frankly, I won’t even try.  She is an amazing human being, and I am very lucky she hadn’t gotten tired of my jokes yet.

I have, in talking about that move, always thought about it from the perspective of myself. But both my parents made a huge change. They both packed up the world they knew and moved 7 hours away by car. Funny, that my wife and I did the same thing, and I know how painful it is to pack everything into a box and move across the country. To leave your friends behind and your co-workers and ripping that bandaid off suddenly be in another city. At the time my father and mother moved, most universities didn’t hire graduate students when the student was done. You would get your degree and move to another university. Another town, another move for your family. But my dad wasn’t ever usually, and as he completed his Ph.D. in Education, Indiana University worked very hard to keep him. He stayed; we stayed. But I know now, that had to bard on both my parents.

home coming parade 1971

dad and I best buds!

Dad and my sister best buds!

Dad and my sister best buds!

Dad and my sister best buds!

Wisconsin River (by my grandfather 1964(

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