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Wander project more time in Oz!

I took two long walks on my first day in Sydney. It rained the entire Saturday. I landed around 6 am, and the hotel let me check in early. I didn’t want to take a nap; I had by that point of international travel learned the best way to adust is to get out and walk. So I went for a walk. It rained the entire first walk, but I took pictures anyway. Then I went back to the hotel and had lunch. I was pretty fried, so I thought I’ll take a second walk. So I did. I went a little further feeling a little more confident that I could find my way back.  I also got a chance to see a little more of weekend life in Sydney. I was able, by walking to stave off taking a nap. That messes my sleep schedule up!

I also wanted to make sure I was awake at 8 pm so I could call home. I called home in the cab ride to the hotel from the airport. Back then, I used to buy a prepaid sim at the airport and used that on my phone. That way, I didn’t end up with a 1200 dollar cellular bill. When the Sim had used up what I put on it, I could choose how much to add.  That way, I never spent more than 200 or so dollars on calls home. There were a couple of trips where I was close to that amount. But normally it was more 100 or less. It just so happened that this trip was nearly three full weeks, so some of the calls were a little longer. My company would pay for one call home a day, which made it easier to do so!

The next day I took the climb the harbor bridge tour. You are using ropes, walk to the top of the bridge. I was terrified to take my camera, so I don’t have pictures from the top. But I made it. I was exhausted. The rest of the work crew arrived on Sunday afternoon, we went to dinner and relaxed that evening. The next day we drove across the Harbor bridge to our office on the other side.  This was one of maybe four trips ever where I was gone two full weekends. I did also learn that I love the sound of a Didgeridoo playing. I thought about buying one for the kids but realized the agonizing months of ear torture from bad Didgeridoo playing might be something my wife would hold against me.


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