Wander project memories of 9/11/2001

This day, every year is hard for me. It is harder for many other people. A good friend of mine was working in the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, and he was in the office early on the morning of September 11, 2001, He forgot his power supply for his laptop, so he went back to his hotel to get the power supply. He never made it back to the office that day, by the time he got to the towers, the first plane had hit. He stood in the area by the towers and watched the second plane hit. A good friend of mine from college was in the second tower. As far as I know, he is still there 100 floors above Manhattan, smiling at his desk like he did every single day.

I do understand that hate that allows someone to lash out in anger. There are things in our world that are not fair; not fair builds hate. But I know that of the people I know, there was no hate by them towards others. I lost a good friend on that horrible day. It makes me sad when I see the horrible conspiracy theories that say was happened on 9/11/2001 was fake. My friend was a light in the world, that is no more. My other friend, who went back to his hotel to get a power supply speaks every single year on this day. He is a survivor, and we honor those who survive tragedy. We never forget those who gave everything so that others could live. The firepeople and police that responded that day are heroes.

I won’t dwell today on the loss, and I won’t dwell today on the fact that just two years before that, we had stayed in the Marriott hotel that was right by ground zero, in a room that viewed the Twin Towers lit up at night. I won’t talk about going back five years later to see the hole in the heart of the city. Or, the first time I rode the Path Train (goes from NYC to Jersey City and other New Jersey Locations) coming out of the darkness of the underground tunnel into the light, where there used to be a building. It was jarring the first time. I had been in that subway station when there was a tower, then when there wasn’t, and I will never forget the moment I came out of the darkness.

To those gone forever on this day in 2001, you are missed.

(pictures are for Kim from the Black Hills recreation park).


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Written by DocAndersen

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    • it was hard, we had drifted apart he and I, and had literally not seen each other since college. I was in NYC in 2000 for a couple of weeks and called him on a Lark. We connected again!

      I have friends that lost many many people that day.

  1. I was living in Arkansas when this happened. I remember the day like it was yesterday. 🙁 I did not have any close friends and still cried all day. I am so sorry you actually knew people there that day, and thank you for the walk in the forest!


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