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Wander project Maine day 3 continued…

One of the things I have learned in doing the Wander Project all these years is that there is often more material in a day than a single blog can cover. In the case today, this is my 3rd post about our 3rd day in Maine. I did the last day first this time. Don’t ask me why I just felt like the way to do this wander. After we went to the desert my wife wanted to take a walk on the beach. It is not the same kind of beach that we took walks on in Hawaii. The beaches of Maine aren’t often sandy, they are often exposed granite. But they are by the water.

We went to a state park near Freeport Maine. The park was closed for the season. But the trails were still open, and we went to go on the walking tour of the Bay. The path was pretty rough, but it was also fairly flat. We both had our cameras and away we went. We often have long conversations when we are out walking about, we look at nature, but we also talk to each other. We’ve done that since the 2nd date we ever went on. I don’t remember why, but my then-girlfriend stopped by my house in Bloomington after our first date. Our first official date was going to a bunch of one-act plays.

I was just home from school when she arrived. We decided to walk into town to talk. We ended up at the red chair bakery when it was open. We had chocolate cookies and walked back to my house. My then-girlfriend (in 5 days after that cookie she asked me to marry her) took off. But we did those long walks many times. We get into a rhythm and start talking. We’ve done that now for 29 years. It just feels natural to start talking and walking. So on the seaside trail in Maine, we talked, we walked, and we shared great pictures to take!

(All pictures today were taken by my wife, in Maine!)

A tiny island off the coast!

sheets of granite!

again, should have looked back!

granite, and the water!

framed through the trees

ok my wife loved these benches

forest, trees, water and quiet. What more do you need for a walk?

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