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wander project Maine (day 1, LL Bean)

I first remember the LL Bean Catalog coming to our house after we returned from Thailand in the mid-1970s. I remember because I love camping and LL Bean was a camping catalog. We decided on our first day in Maine that we had to go to the LL Bean original store. It is located in Freeport, Maine.  Freeport is a small town about 20 miles north of Portland Maine, where we were staying. The drive was along the shore which was quite pleasant. As we arrived at the store we decided to start the day with one more cup of coffee. We went to the Bean Coffee Shop, which is located near where we parked and in the main bean building. You can tell the building was added onto over the years.

It has many levels, and none of them are consistent. You have to climb stairs to go downstairs. We got our coffee and wandered with the coffee into the blueberry soap area (yes, we bought blueberry soap). Plus, that is also the dog area (yes Kim, Raven demanded dog treats be purchased and returned to her from Maine). But we got those items at the end of our shopping expedition. The first thing we did was wander the store. It is massive. From camping, Kayaking boating, clothes, and hunting, the store has a lot of floor space. There is also a huge fishing area, Plus there is a trout pond (that has Koi in it) and a huge aquarium with trout swimming in it!

The first shopping was to get a couple of shirts for my wife. Then we ended up getting LL Bean stuff for the kids. We found things that we thought the kids would love. Checking out the person said, would you like me to ship this to you. We kept the shirts (you’ve seen them in day two and day three pictures already as my wife wore them)! The rest we shipped off to Maryland. Less to carry on the plane. We ended up having to buy a suitcase anyway. We also wandered the LL Bean Home store. Plus the LL Bean Bike store. It was a wonderful, relaxing experience to see the store. My very favorite part was the wall of catalog covers that was between the camping and hunting area. I remembered many of the covers!

the history of LL Bean prouducts!

blueberry soap

my wife loves Bean clothes!

looking out on Freeport Maine!

Main Entrance of LL Bean

finally, a picture of my bestie getting warm by the fire!

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