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Wander project LegoLand Denmark!

The first, original Legoland was our next destination after Norway. We left Kristiansand, yes the opera was blaring as we left. It just so happened that we left the harbor as the sun was setting. Our dining room was at the rear of the ship. It was the very read of the ship so as the ship pulled out to head to Denmkar again, and we got to watch the sunset as we enjoyed dinner. Except, the sun wasn’t going to set until much later than we were eating. The ship traveled from Norway back to Denmark as we slept. We were all excited because that night we watched Zootopia, the movie, as a family and we were going to spend the next day at Legoland!

In the morning, we were loaded into buses and rolled through the Danish countryside! The majority of people didn’t go to Legoland, but the majority of the folks on the cruise were without kids. We were with older kids/adults, but there wasn’t a single person in our group that didn’t want to go to Legoland. Well, there was one person that didn’t think Legoland was going to be an epic day (my wife). Legoland was not her idea of a fun day. She did, however, end up having a blast.  But, first, we had the bus ride. That is the fun thing about the boat excursions everything is organized. You got on the buses heading to Legoland. They already had our tickets, and we just had to show up!

The first part of Lego land was the Star Wars exhibit. Ok, in fairness the very first part was the entrance and all the stores. But we walked right out eh Star Wars area. One of our favorite family stories was taking the twins to their first Star Wars movie they have been hooked ever since (in fairness my wife, actually before we were dating because I would have poked her had I been there, fell asleep the first time she watched the original star wars). From Star Wars, we wandered to the NASA and spacelight area. Legoland is very similar to MaduroDam, the recreation of Amsterdam in Legos that is in Holland. But Legoland has many more things to see than just Amsterdam!

  1. Sorry, I am afraid this comment will be long and still I must share. When I was very young an iron number fell from a sign and hit me in the head. Head injuries bleed a lot. The local theater owner quickly scooped me and my friends inside, gave us candy and told us to watch “The Love Bug”. My husband has heard the story. He saw this picture and said. I bet if you went there one of those birds attached to the wall would attack you. We laughed so hard we cried. Thanks, because what you do changes the world in a positive way. Serendipity!



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