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Over the years, we went to the Indianapolis Zoo many times. It was a place that I wonder about now. More, the unfairness of animals in cages than anything. I’ve been to some zoos over the years, but recently I’ve been thinking more about that. The Indianapolis Zoo is pretty good about giving the animals space to feel at home. I think it worries me more when we talk about Killer Whales or Dolphins, animals that have higher intelligence.

They don’t do as well in captivity.

I have not been to a zoo since leaving Indianapolis (Greenwood). I suspect I will never go to another. Now, I prefer to see animals in the wild, of the Chesapeake Bay. Last summer, Dolphins were seen as far into the Bay as the Bay Bridge.We spent many weekends trying to see Dolphins. We never did, but if they return next year, we will seek to see them in the wild, again. The other thing I am looking forward to is underwater pictures with our ROV.

I guess I will continue to seek animals in the wild. I do, hope, to never run into a large bear in the wild, however. Could you image a polar bear floating on a  chunk of ICE in the Chesapeake Bay? I suspect that would be, well disconcerting. One of those things you have to consider, ponder and ultimately worry about for many years. Although, that would be a rather amazing picture a polar bear on the Bay!

  1. Like you, Scott, I won’t go to another zoo ..there are Zoo’s and Zoo’s and animals should be living in a natural environment not caged I have seen the Elephants who have been caged and it is cruel they rock on the spot and look so sad 🙂

    • Back in the 70’s the king of Thailand made Dusit zoo (Bangkok) triple the size of their elephant enclosure. He kept the white elephants there (I don’t know if this is still true but back then white elephants were always given to the king)

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