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Wander project in search of the Horizon….

A wander on the water, but pictures instead today of an Osprey. Yes, we still wandered out, looking at the Island that lies in the Delta of the Rhode River — looking at the camp across the river from us. But also, wandering by the Osprey. There on the next, mama getting ready to bring new Osprey into the world. Next week I am going to put the ROV into the water. I’ve held off doing that for the year so far, waiting for the update to the ROV software. OpenROV is the company that makes our ROV. They just updated the video capture to 1080p. It is a better quality of video than we can do now and should be a lot of fun to film underwater. I was trying to get the update done earlier but failed.

Yesterday started a gray day. We had sprinkles and cool. It sadly got hotter later in the day. Here is a link to my Yesterday’s Weather feed. Weather fascinates me; I love cloud watching. I don’t like watching storm clouds roll in. But I love seeing the clouds sprinkled throughout the sky. You can see so many cool shapes and figures. If you look at the Saturday sky, shared in the pictures, you will see no dark storm clouds, the sky, the horizon, for the most part, the beautiful blue of a hot summer day.  I won’t wax poetic about what being on the water means to me. Instead, today, Let’s talk about the horizon. Far off in the distance the point at which the water meets the sky.

I seek the quiet of the horizon.

That quiet that flows past you and engulfs you as you stare at the fluffy clouds.

I love watching those clouds slide across the sky. Each cloud separate until they start to join together, to band together. Then their outlook becomes darker. They stand together and bring storms and rain. The floating weather cells we hear about often. High-Pressure of Low-Pressure systems are moving clouds around the sky like chess pieces on a board we never see.

I love watching where the clouds will take me.


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