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wander project images of snow and no school today!!!

Now, I have to be honest. I was looking at a couple of posts from those living in or near the mountains and the reality of spring arriving. Pictures of snow are something fun to look at. Not real time, I am over the love of watching the snow. Of sitting by the radio waiting for the school announcement School is closed for the next day. I do remember the joy as a child upon hearing that reality. School is closed for a day. Suddenly my calendar free opening the world for me. I would like that more now, having a suddenly free calendar: no appointments, meetings or anything else. The entire day is just evaporating into the troposphere never to return, and freely I could walk, and get the many other things for that day done.

Each day that would happen would be a treasure! But, days like that don’t happen for me now. They did when I was in school. We have to protect the safety of our children. School buses in the US do not have seatbelts. They don’t go fast, but they are not great vehicles. School buses are top heavy and don’t do well on icy or snow-covered roads. It is not that they are unsafe; most school buses are larger than other vehicles on the road. It is more that there are no seatbelts. It is not safe for the kids, So they cancel school. This day, pictured the snow out of our the window in Greenwood Indiana was a no school day for the kids. It was a work in my home office day for me, but the kids were free!

Today’s wander remembering snow and being 11 years old again. We didn’t have snow in January or February when I was 11 years old. We didn’t have snow on the ground that entire year even in March. But, we weren’t in Indiana that year we were in Thailand. They don’t cancel school for snow in Thailand. Well maybe way up north in the Mountains near Chang Mai. But not in Bangkok. We used to ride to school in a Mercedes Benz min-bus. Mini, from a perspective of a US national, smaller than the buses we had in the US. Smaller to fit into the narrow streets. The traffic in Bangkok would have been much worse with a large bus moving down the street. The main streets were where the big buses were!

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  1. Beautiful winter shots. In our country, they never close school due to snow. I remember my school days. When the snowfall and there was no bus, we went on foot to school. The school was about 3 km away.

  2. Преведи са језика: босански
    Do you know about pedestrians in Serbia and in the remote villages in Serbia and 10-15 km to the school and back?
    In winter and the opportunity to meet wild beasts like wolves.
    They do not have buses without belts.
    They just want to get to the hot school as soon as possible. It’s a big difference.
    But they are great students. And many medals bring with competitions in mathematics, biology.
    At the end they go on studies in USA, Canada, etc.
    We have a brain drain.

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