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Wander project Disney Day 3 (exhaustion was setting in)…

Ah, the magical Disney Smiles, by day 3, mine was gone. Look, I love wandering the parks, but by day 3 I needed a break. In the future, we broke up vacations differently but this was the first trip to Disney World and there were so many things to do. You have to leave a few activities on the table for future trips. We didn’t do that on that first big vacation. Later, after Disney World, we had learned the impact of trying to do everything.

I think part of the exhaustion was pushing the stroller all over the park. Disney does a great job of being stroller friendly, but you still have to move the bloody thing. Oh well, lesson learned and one that we would take to heart, just not until after we did everything in Disney World. Every park, including the then-new Water Parks. All four of the main parks plus wandering Epcot for a day. Epcot was a chance to take the world beer tour!

My daughter had a blast on vacation. She got to pick what we were doing and seeing. She always has a vacation list of the things she wants to do while we are in the location we are in. Like her mother, the two of them love to plan. They also love to execute the plan and argue over the map while we are executing. I have to say, the two of them arguing over the map is always fun for me, I stay out of it, there is no winning for me if I get involved. They still, by the way, argue over maps.

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  1. I have to agree with you — doing everything in one go takes away the fun in any vacay. The first time we did our 33-day SouthEast Asian travel, we did many stuff recommended by travel bloggers. Doing that just wear you out after 3 or 4 days — and we did that for over a month ???

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