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Yummy Lunch 🙂

Finally. For the past month, I haven't been able to go online and post something on this site. I've been busy with a lot of...

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What I had for Snacks? … Haluhalo!

It was a hot day. So we decided to make haluhalo! Haluhalo, or commonly known as halo-halo, is a dessert from Philippines. It is a...

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What is for Dinner? … Sopas!

I know that my posts are not actually following the challenge. Since, I just randomly post. The reason for that is due to my...

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Color of Candles

Do you know the meanings of the colors of the candles? The following multiple-choice quiz tests your knowledge of the meanings of candles. It's...

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What is for Snack/Merienda? … Suman

Today, my mom cooked suman for our snack. Suman is a kind of rice cake that originated in our country, Philippines. The suman is...

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