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Wander project Copenhagen

At the end of our first day in Copenhagen,  we returned to the hotel. We had decided to try the sky bar that was actually between the two towers of the hotel. The bar was pretty empty, and we found out they didn’t serve food. We enjoyed sitting on top of the hotel and had a beer and some appetizers. We were for the moment on top of the world.

Everyone was tired, it has been a long day, so we decided to enjoy dinner in the room and relax. We had one more ½ day to wander in Copenhagen and then we were off to Amsterdam. My lesson learned from flying low-cost airlines is you forget what status means. I was used to boarding the plane with the very first group, and I was used to not having to pay for luggage fees. Before this trip, I don’t remember the last time I paid to have my luggage on the plane with me!

In the morning, we had a quick breakfast and then headed out to see the sights. We took the subway into downtown Copenhagen and walked by the jazz festival. We were also able to have lunch at the Hard Rock café in Copenhagen. I have the hat to prove it. We also went into the coolest lego store, honestly, that I have ever been it in.

Finally, we walked through the botanical gardens of Copenhagen, which was truly an amazing stop. The greenhouse with the amazing flowers was beyond words!

(most of the pictures are from our end of day bus ride around Copenhagen)!


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    • Hey, both are exceptional! I am planning a trip to Maine. I haven’t been there in more than 20 years. Maine, grand canyon, Red Woods of California, the Ohio River, anywhere on the Mississippi. Wonderful places to visit, all!!!

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