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Wander project chasing rain

It is taking a moment, stretching and finding something. The rain falling around us as we wandered. It doesn’t matter if you are free of limits. The rain is simply a natural event. A compilation of evaporation, and when the evaporation reached a point, the saturation creates rain. Humdity becomes the answer to a cocktail party trivia question. Why does it rain? It rains because it can. In London, it remains because the UK isn’t a huge island. Rain in the US, in Oregon, has to replenish the water before it reached New York, or the storm carries no rain. In between Oregon and New York are the great lakes, relishing the water in the storm by added evaporated water.

Each raindrop as each snowflake is unique, but not unique. I watch those raindrops, and sometimes if the wind is right, they travel many miles in their journey from the clouds to the ground. Then hit the ground. They join together in a family of raindrops to create puddles and pools. Sometimes they fall not upon the concrete, not upon the carefully laid cobblestones but instead on flowers or plants. Trees whose roots drink deeply of the falling rain. Flowers that in feeling the water, open to receive it. Each flower, each tree drinking deeply of the falling rain. The rain slightly acidic in its nature, sometimes falling not on the trees, not on the concrete or the carefully laid cobblestones.

It is sometimes falling on the grass. The grass that sips but does not substantially change the amount of rainwater as it is soaked into the ground. Then over time, it moves deeper and deeper, seeking the water table. Once finding the water table, perhaps stopping for a meal, the raindrops now a band of brothers, a collection of water sisters, seek a path. Slightly acidic, if there is the bedrock with the calcium they begin chipping away. Each drops a tiny miner digging into the rock and eventually as the water passes leaving a small hole. The hole growing over a million years, the rain doesn’t care it has forever. The hole becomes larger and larger until suddenly it opens in a cave.

I often watch the raindrops fall. I don’t know where they will go, but I know it is a journey.


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Written by DocAndersen

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