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Our goal for our second day in Amsterdam was ambitious. We were already holding tickets for the Van Gogh museum at I think 9 am when it opened. We were then going to rush over to the Anne Frank house to stand in line. As I said, it was early and ambitious! But the Anne Frank house was my daughter’s number one thing she had to do in Amsterdam. Other than simply being in the city, my wife’s number one thing was the Van Gogh museum.  They were must do fro the two of them! We got on the subway early. You can see how sleepy we were sitting in the subway station. Well, everyone but the photographer. He tends to get up earlier than the rest of the crew anyway.

I used to make fun of my dad, who went to bed early and got up early. Now that is what I do! The hotel we were staying at was right around the corner from the above-ground train station. We walked over and then headed down to the city. We were not going all the way into the city, and we stopped a couple of stops before Grand Central. We would be grabbing a bus. The system is effective in Amsterdam, although we did have a small disagreement about where we were. Well, where we were in relation to the map and the Van Gogh museum. We arrived near the museum, we were early, so we walked across the area between the museums.

There was a soccer tournament that blocked off the streets from cars. We were able to walk through — kind of fun to see the food area for soccer games.  We arrived at the museum roughly 20 minutes before our time. So we waited outside. It was cool, but not raining/  The Van Gogh museum was amazing. The only painting of his I wanted to see that is not there, I have seen previously (it is in the Louver), and that is Starry Night. We wandered the museum for a good two hours (that was about 1:59:00 longer than the twins wanted to). The museum is arranged by the various periods in the life of Vincent Van Gogh. From his early days to the later days.


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  1. Your group certainly looked tired! I’ve never seen so many bikes in my life. Great shots! The Van Gogh Museum sounded like somewhere I’d like to go. Thank you for another great leg of your trip.


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