wander project Amsterdam!!!!

By the time we got to Amsterdam, we had collected several things that were coming home with us. The number of things was, in fact, greater than the originally projected additions and we were short at least one bag. We wandered, after walking by the long line for the Anne Frank house and deciding to do that the next day, to the mall. The mall was fun, and there was an art store in the mall. My wife and daughter got ceramic elephants to decorate (they sadly are still in the boxes, in my wife’s office, but the intent was there). Perhaps they will be painted someday! We wandered around the very interesting mall and found a suitcase and luggage store. They had a rolling computer bag that was perfect for the amount of stuff.

Plus, we also added cheese in the Dutch cheese shop.  But we were barely able to squeeze everything in, once we added the additional bag. There were hats, statues, and of course, Captain Lars and his friends. But that was for a time, two in the future. We also wandered down to the drug store at the bottom of the building. There we got some cream for my ribs. That made all the difference, and I was able to fly home, walk, and not feel any pain. That cream was a lifesaver. It also didn’t have the horrible odor of Icy Hot, although I would not have minded the odor at that point. Pain relief was the goal of the cream. Sometimes when you are in pain, it doesn’t matter that you smell like a locker room!

That pretty much, other than going to the grasshopper was the agenda for day 1. The Grasshopper Restaurant is an Argentinian steak house in Holland. Right at the very edge of the Red Light District. I had eaten there many years before, and it was amazing food. I have been to the Grasshopper every time I’ve been to Amsterdam. So, dinner it was. The biggest carnivore in the family produced the food good and the steak perfect. (my daughter). We had a fun conversation before the meal, and one of the twins tried a local beer. There are evenings you have that you remember forever. This was one of those evenings. A great conversation, a great meal, and family all together!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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