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Wander project a journey to spend a night on the boat…

Yesterday (Saturday, September 22) was a day. It was meant to be a delightful chance for the two of us (my wife and I) to get away from the house, from DC and just relax by spending the afternoon in Annapolis and the night on the boat. The day began with planning and of course getting everything ready. We pulled out of the driveway around 130 pm. Traffic was really heavy on the 95/405 interchange until we cleaned, that mess and go on US 50. 50 heads from Virginia all the way across Maryland and is the easy route to Annapolis. As we got on 50, I decided to move the boat keys from my pocket to the drink holder. Sadly, there were no keys in my pocket. So after traveling for an hour, we turned around and headed home.

The keys were sitting, where they always were and well shame on me for that. Traffic was still bad as we headed towards US 50. What is normally a 1: 10-minute trip was 1:30 and frustrating. But once we got to 50, we were cruising along. I did, check my pocket again to make sure I had the keys. I did, by the way, the second time. We were making good time, while we had planned on boarding the water taxi at 4 pm we changed that because of the double trip and traffic to 5 pm. Everything was finally going our way. We got on the road that leads you from 50 to Bembe Beach road. Bembe Beach is the road that gets you to where our marina is on Back Creek.

It was a day of bad luck. We got to within 4 miles of the marina and in front of us was a line of cars. The road (both ways) was closed. There had been a huge accident with emergency vehicles and lots of backed up traffic. We were so close to the boat, so close to the water taxi and so far away at the same time. It was 5:00 and we had 15 minutes. So we panicked dived off onto a side street and waited. We ended up calling the water taxi, and they said they would swing by after picking up another group. That brought us the 24 minutes we needed to get through the traffic and make it to the marina. The last couple of pictures are of the folks on the water taxi, and we headed off to Annapolis.

Finally, something was going our way, yesterday!


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Written by DocAndersen

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