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Tour de Thomas: Buckingham Fountain

Lately I have been repeating the same cycling route which starts out in Chicago neighborhood East Garfield Park headed through West Loop, and all the way to the inner downtown area known as the Loop. The only difference in this route compared to my previous routes was my turnaround point which during this ride ended up being the Buckingham Fountain after I considered Soldier Field my turnaround point, as I entered the Lakefront path. Sights along my out-and-back route are shared below.

Miro Statue

Yelp review of Miro Statue. Feel free to read it.

Buckingham Fountain 

Yelp review of the Buckingham Fountain. Feel free to read it.

Per, a request by a Yelper I brought my camera stand to get a selfie shot next to my TCR Composite 1 road bike. If you look closely you can see the Buckingham Fountain in the back.

James R Thompson Center 

  1. Helmet by Bell
  2. Sunglasses by Izod
  3. Australia Ironman jersey by K-Swiss
  4. Cycling tights by Canari

In support of Sight For Kids – Charity Miles

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