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WOD – Cycling loops around Garfield Park lagoon in support of USO

With only a solid two hours before work, I wanted to get a run in preferably because the weather was beautiful today. However, two hours was just not enough to drive to a location, get the run in, and get back in time to shower before work, so I went with the second best thing. A bike ride! And since I was running on limit time, I chose Garfield Park as my route because the location is near my apartment and I can get in a few easy loops around the lagoon with no worries of being far out.

The workout was what I thought it would be since I had not touched my bike in months due to winter season. I felt the burn in my quadriceps and clipping in-and-out of my pedals was very sloppy due to not having had touched my bike in a season, but it is what it is. After only 3.17 mile ride, I feel great and I look forward to gauging upcoming temperatures based off of what it was today to make my judgment on whether or whether not to get out on my bike.

  1. Bike helmet by Bell
  2. Cycling jersey by Pactimo
  3. Running tights by Nike

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    • It was a well needed workout due to being bogged down with my semester, and the cold weather. Those few days of good weather, I got up early and knocked workouts out. I believe our temperatures will be similar this upcoming week.

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