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The Beauty of Atlantic Ocean, Fuerteventura

It is the second-largest island after Tenerife. Here reigns the sun, peace, and tranquility.

This island of volcanic origin was formed after the eruption of a volcano many thousands of years ago. Its loud and intricate name translates as “strong wind.”

Once upon a time, there were dense and lush forests. But they were actively cut down, logs went to the ships for the valiant Spanish fleet. At that time, the pirates were raging and it was necessary to constantly fight back them.

The island is very quiet. There is no noise, clubs, and discos have not taken root here. Here you can see how slowly people walk along the warm white sand. But here you can meet brave surfers who have chosen this island for themselves and spend their time here for their pleasure.

The beaches here are wonderful and most importantly, the beach season is year-round. The water in the ocean is divine: mild and warm.

I share some photos of the ocean’s beauty, its wild landscapes.

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