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I am back from my trip

Actually, we should be back in Saturday, but being there, penetrated by teh virus of vacation we decided to stay for couple days more and visit the last island of Canary that we still have not seen. And it is Lanzarote.

And again, I expected something similar as with Fuerteventura. However, this time, it was a bit different. Fuerteventura amazed me, I did not expect to see such a beautiful wild island. I even said that could live there for ages, to sit on teh cliff listening music of teh sea and looking at colorful sunsets.

Lanzarote did not shock me as Fuerteventura. Too gray, too dark island (dark mountains, dark sand) with little white houses near the shore of the ocean, with big winds, people who rarely speaks in English, but in Spanish only, and infinite dark mountain covered with volcanic lava. Could I live there? No, definitely, no, but there is also what to see. The island has what to show to tourists, and I will share some discoveries with you in the nearest days.

Hm, you know, I am happy to be at home. As always when I came from my travels. When I am somewhere else, I plunge in adventures with all my heart, but I need to only open doors of my home when the fullness of happiness overwhelmed me. I do not feel so happy anywhere else as I feel being at home. Already unpacked my luggage till the next trip, and I am ready for the everyday’s routine.

In the photo: Lanzarote. 

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  1. Hello Fortune, welcome home my friend. Sometimes we have to go on a trip to faraway places, only to appreciate our homes. The image looks a lot like my country’s south coastline we call the “Wild-Coast” it is also rugged with giant rocks. Andre’