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Third World America!

This is 2.5 Tons of Garbage cleaned up in 5 hours by three people. Most was collected in Northampton County Va. This was done...

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Layers of Time #2

Photo is at Red Rocks Colorado, October 2010~ This photo more clearly illustrates the points of my last posting. What could have caused such a...

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Layers tell the tale.

This photo is at Red Rocks Colorado, in the fall of 2010. Glancing back thru this photo file I always stare in amazement at...

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Is Virily worth the time?

In this day and age every moment of our lives is geared toward a consumerism based system, that relies on the public's ability to...

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Red Rocks, Colorado

While visiting the Red Rocks area and Amphitheater for a day trip away from the Alpine green of RMNP, I was overwhelmed by the...

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Third World America!

Layers of Time #2

Layers tell the tale.

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