Seriously haunted places around the world

If you think that the existence of haunted houses is merely a fairy tale spun by over imaginative minds think again. All over the world there are buildings and sites that are classified as “haunted” for many years and even centuries. Many of these buildings include asylums and castles in the haunted category. Here are four well known real life haunted places.,_Birr,_Ireland.jpg

Leap Castle  in Ireland holds some haunted secrets and for good reason. The castle was home to many prisoners and prisoner executions. In addition Leap castle has several spirits with it most famous resident, referred to only as “It” The apparition usually makes its entrance in a cloud of foul aromas and is described as small grey colored person whose face is in a state of decay. There have been reports of sightings by visitors and even the occasional attack by the It being.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in France is very popular among thrill seekers. Not only is the cemetery said to be full of ghosts and other apparitions, but it practically sends chills up one’s spine. Would you rather see or feel the unworldly apparitions? Experiences of uncontrollable shivering and uneasy feelings are numerous. This could probably be just a reaction to the  knowledge that Pere Lachaise Cemetery is ranked among the most haunted cemeteries in the world.

Forbidden City is another well known haunted house that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The Forbidden City was the former Chinese imperial palace until the end of the Qing dynasty. What makes the Forbidden City haunted? How about maids a walking and eunuchs sightings? Like so many haunted houses, the history of the Forbidden City is a bloody one. Servants and concubines were engaged in an all out battle that involved every devious act including killing each other to secure favors from the imperial masters.

Monte Cristo Homestead  in Junee New South Wales has fascinated may ghost hunters over the years and is considered Australia’s most haunted house. The home sees thousands of visitors annually hoping to catch a glimpse of the homestead’s ghostly residents. The sprawling mansion, built in the 1900 by the Crawleys, is associated with many haunting tales and 7 deaths during the 1800’s. Stories told by visitors and occupants include mysterious lights, difficulty using the stairs as though it is blocked, Ghostly voices and the discovery of dead and mutilated kittens in one room.

Haunted houses and places are very popular among thrill seekers. Haunted houses offer not only the possibility of a sighting but a glimpse into the often tragic history of the inhabitants which makes for a mystery filled adventure.


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