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Ever wonder face mask worth $1.5 million dollar.

In China, a billionaire has ordered the world’s most expensive mask at a cost of $ 1.5 million. The mask, made of 3,607 white and black natural diamonds, will also have an N99 filter system. This face mask will be made of 18-carat 250-gram gold will also be studded with diamonds.

The order is to given to an Israeli company. According to the jeweller’s company, the Chinese businessman based in the United States has placed 3 conditions while ordering this very expensive mask.

1- Mask should be according to FDA approved and EU standard.

2. Mask should be delivered before 31st December.  

3. Mask should be most expensive of the world.

Jewelry designer Ishaq Levy said a team of 25 Jewelry experts has been formed to make the mask and is working in shifts so that the order can be delivered by December 31.

$1.5 MILLION MASK – Click to watch video

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