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Rotorua – General views

There is so much to see and do in Rotorua, it is impossible to do in an entire weekend but I can show you some photos of what we have so far.

I have far more photos, but just chose a few to give you an idea.

I hope to return to Rotorua again and share more about it.

The Thumbnail is a museum and it was closed this day

#1 Rotorua Hot pool in a public park

The water is scolding hot and hotter than freshly boiled water with chemicals inside.

This comes from the hot layer underneath... Smells slightly of sulphur

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#2 View from where we stayed

We stayed in a place with a home booked from "Home Away!". It was lovely and thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

#4 New Zealand Falcon

Photo taken from "Wing Span" that specialises in New Zealand birds of prey.

  1. Thanks so much Shavkat, Carol and Grace. In answer to your question, this Falcon has been rescued from a life threatening situation and brought into Wingspan for help. They worked on this bird to heal it. They train it to fend for itself and it grows to the stage where it can be released into the wild again

    It is illegal to keep this bird as a pet or to become a falconer of this bird. You can become a falconer for a NZ Harrier Hawk..

    Yes, there is a reason for that shackle and I am not sure why.. I will ask them.

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#8 Lake Tarawera

Same place different time of the year

#9 Buried Village

History of the Tarawera Eruption and the survivors.

  1. Yes, well thanks Shavkat and Grace I will write about the Tarawera Eruption. I wrote about it a long time ago, but after going for my older posts, some of the stuffing like the pictures that go with it have been lost a long time ago.
    Yes, I will do that.
    Definetly it is truth that this was the place of a real “Burried Village”


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