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Rotorua General Views

I was going to post a Rotorua bird Quiz, but I may choose all the right things and it may appear right, and then the draft will add  take some of my content out of it. In fact I may have to post an image twice sometimes.

After about half an hour, I decided I would not bother with quizzes as it is too hard and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands.

So here is some of my photos of Rotorua in a general way. 

The thumbnail is a former photo of hot pools right on Lake Rotorua, I took some years ago but these places are fenced off because of more volcanic activity

Honestly, I wish I could go to see the Thermal Geysers and hot pools, but not only is it some money, my husband would have to sit in the car because he is crippled and decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Another part I wanted to see was the Maori Anglican church for some reason I found it hard to get to. Will have another go another time, it is worth seeing as in the Stained Glass window they have a Maori Jesus in it and there are other wonderful features to view at this place.

There is so much to see and do in Rotorua!

The best I could do for him is go on the Lakeland Queen lunch cruise which we got for free, but that is another story. It has a very reasonable price for most people.

Although I may not go to Rotorua for my next short break, I am hoping to go and see Aunt Cara in Havelock North and pass through Taupo and there will be other sights to photograph.

#1 Tranquil setting of Swans on Lake Rotorua

Swan family on an excursion for the day

#2 Whio Duck

An amazing creature. 

#3 Sunrise on Lake Rotorua

Just taken from the porch where we stayed in Ngongotaha

#4 Central Rotorua Thermal area

Stick to the main path and you can see a division of water from water, the closest water is thermal water

#5 The Lakeland Queen

A paddle steamer boat.

Thoroughly recommend the service, you can choose what type of cruise you want to go and you must book.

They have breakfast, coffee, lunchtime and dinner cruises on boat while the boat cruises on Rotorua lake. 

#6 Lake Tarawera

Mt Tarawera is in the distance. The top is flat because it blew it's head off in 1886 in the Tarawera eruption.

#7 Blue Lake

It is outside Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday park

Years ago the former hosts did not mind a budgie with us, today the new hosts do not allow pets of any kind.

So I used Home Away and the place is much more comfortable than any Holiday Park and the people do not want dogs or cats but don't mind budgies like Louis.

#8 Wingspan

A general view of Falcon and man.

#9 Rotorua Central Park

The only place to view hot pools and mud pools. For the more spectacular ones, you go to a proper park and you pay

#10 Rotorua Museum

This is closed off for the moment and I don't know why that is the case

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