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Rotorua – Volcanic areas

I went for a trip to Rotorua in 2013, and took many lovely photos. Unfortunately, after our trip to Tasmania in 2014 my computer and other items in our household were stolen and I could not retrieve my lost photos except what I saved on the internet websites.

So I have wanted to return to Rotorua to regain some photos that I had by taking fresh photos and some things have changed since.

Now I can only show you a few photos here.

There is a drive from Rotorua public park that takes you to where the Thumbnail photo is.

Should you desire to go to any volcanic public park, such as Rotorua or else where, you must stick to the path laid out by park rangers. It is not safe for you to wander off. 

I don’t show you all the volcanic places as there are many places to view volcanic activity.

#1 View of Volcanic part of Rotorua

You may notice a division in the water. That separates the volcanic part from the ordinary water.

Before you with the different paler water it is boiling hot water and it has sulphuric acid in it. The ground is white and sometimes white smoke comes out of the ground. 

#2 Long shadows

The road is on the left and from where I view this I am behind a fence.

#3 Reflections of a Bush trying to survive

I don't know how anything survives to this stage here.

#4 Another view

You see the difference of plant life.

#5 Across the lake

You see the white smoke from the ground 

#6 Pond & surviving Bush

The water is clear but don't be tempted to dip any part of your body in there. It is really hot and acidic.

#7 Taken 2013 from Lakeland Queen paddle steamer

The same part of the lake from a different place

#8 2013 from Lakeland Queen

Gives you an idea of Rotorua lake from a certain place of view.

Some birds know how to survive. 

What do you think?

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    • Thanks Elenka, I do use back up drives now. I also believe animals seem to be smarter than humans in some areas.
      They know before an earthquake happens and they know before a tornado arrives, they act strange, and it pays to pay attention to animals. They can show you many things.

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