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Norsewood is a small country town in the Manawatu region between Hawkes Bay and Palmerston North. It was founded by Norwegian immigrants.

Our trip was from Palmerston North over the Manawatu gorge and through small country towns, and Norsewood was one of them that was on the side of the road. So we went and had a look through the town. A small Norway settlement. Just up the road some miles away is another town called Dannevirke, founded by Danes from Denmark.

The thumbnail is a Norse Church

If you visit New Zealand and drive through in a rental car,  Norsewood is worth a stop and look through on the way. There is a cafe there as well.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I have visited New Zealand twice and found it so beautiful that every town and place looks like a tourist spot. Yes, I hired a car and drove from one spot to other and left the car at the departure point and back to Sydney/Canberra.

  2. This post is especially interesting for me because of it’s connection with Scandinavia!!! I try to collect such historical & geographical facts. Will you agree if I write a note for my blog having these facts as the background? Of course, it will not be a copy of your work, only simple using of some geographical names.


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