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Nepal on my mind ~ It’s in the details…

Just outside of Kathmandu sits Patan, one of the ancient cities of Nepal. Also known as Lalitpur or City of Beauty, it is reputed to have the finest collection of temples and palaces in the whole of Nepal.

I found the old palace richly decorated with golden doors and statues as well as wood carvings on the eaves, walls, beams and pillars.  The craft work and detailing is amazing! Whether in wood, metal or stone, the carvings, moldings on all doors, windows, structures on and around all the buildings are richly decorated. You can see here the fine work done on the gold door and statues as well as the wood carving of the eaves… Amazingly beautiful!

An up-close shot of just the golden door is found here.

Here is a close-up of the woodwork above the door and the eaves ~ Simply amazing!

Definitely an item on your must-visit list!


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Written by ac khoo