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20 Ideas for the Kitchen Design of Various Styles

What kind of kitchen style do you like? Do you like country or more modern style? To make it easier to set up your own kitchen, we offer you to explore the main styles of the kitchen.

Traditional is more formal and cool than a country style with its excellent wood furniture and often a fabulously decorated cabinets. Rich, deep colors create a mood of good taste and sophistication.

The great country style of the kitchen radiates the warmth and sincerity of old times. Colors vary from totally pale shades to ground tones and bright basic colors. Highlighted beams, pine wall panels, bricks – are features of a country style.

Modern style kitchen is very capacious and simple in design – it’s never over-loaded with details. The sleek, glossy finish of the furniture is a distinctive sign of this style – marble, glass, flawless steel. The color of the background is often mild and neutral, and the accents are of bright colors. Lighting and window elements are minimalist.

Eclectic kitchen borrows items from a variety of sources – from the oldest to the newest – to achieve a pleasant and harmonious combination. This style flourishes due to its intriguingly different design styles and combinations of materials and has not any of its own characteristic patterns and color palette.

Careful craftsmen work with natural materials is a key to success in creating a Southwestern style. Wood, stone, ceramic tile and elements of hand-made decoration are the main features of this style. The tones of the earth are the dominant underlying colors, often combined with resonating colors.


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