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Tips For How To Pick Colors For Interior Design – the Pistachio Color

.0l1`1Some time ago, the pistachio color became one of the most popular colors used for home premises decoration after universal colors white and grey shades. It was like an incredible furor as before this color was not so interesting for design. This color got its name thanks to Mediterranean nut, and currently still does not lose popularity’s positions.  This color is really unique because its pastiness, brightness, and intensity do not depend on any level of illumination.

Pistachio color brings the freshness and energy to any style’s interior and that is another feature that helped to make it so popular. It is original color and incredibly pleasing to the eye color. So, there is a question – what shades of this incredible pistachio color to use for the design of your home premises, to which other colors it fits to be combined?

Characteristics of pistachio color’s shades

First of all, to get the pistachio color it is needed to mix the blue-green color yellow tone. If you want deeper and brighter shade then use more yellow and green colors. If you want to get a pastel shade of pistachio color, dilute this color with much white color. You can create a wide range of pistachio color’s shades and all they can be used for designing different premises of your home.
  • It makes a great impact on a man’s psychological state as it inspires optimism and also brings a festive mood to both the man and the room’s image;
  • There are plenty of shades of this color and all of them you can use for the interior of different premises: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room.
  • A bright shade of yellow tone and green you can use as an interiors’ accent; pastel, light tones use to create a neutral background;
  • Most of the pistachio color shades are attributed to warm tones;
  • The color does not change its stability at various levels of space’s illumination;
  • Pistachio color can be harmoniously combined with plenty of different shades and depending on the chosen combinations; it is possible to create unique design’s projects for rooms of different functions.

Combination of pistachio color with other colors

There are many shades of pistachio color – from pale pastel tone to rich bright tone of a yellow-green shade. Depending on the brightness and saturation of the chosen hue, you can compose the colors for the palette of the interior. Your choice depends on:
  • The premises natural illumination: size of the premise and the number of the windows;
  • Premises location;
  • The functional space of the premises;
  • The style of interior decoration and host’s personal preferences when choosing colors.

Pistachio color combination with white and shades of milky color

Universal white color can be combined with any shades. The combination with any different shades of pistachio color can create a gentle, light and fresh image. When combining the yellow-green with white, combined color can be chosen for decorating children’s rooms or bedrooms, but of course, also can be used for other rooms.

Pistachio color combination with brown color

Pistachio color fits to be combined with almost any shade of brown color. The color of light wood or dark chocolate can be accentuated by hues of the yellow-green – it will provide a natural heat to the room. This color’s palette fits the decor of any room.

Pistachio color looks good in combination with any natural wood pattern – from light wood to deep, dark wenge. This combination always creates the truly cozy rooms images as it has natural harmony’s aura.

Pistachio color’s combination with pink and orange

Pistachio and bright orange or pink colors combinations are creative, but also courageous. Such interior’s scheme will be not boring. Use such combinations for the children’s rooms design or for the girl’s bedroom. If you want to use it for the living room – pistachio color combine with pale pink or peach shades. As an element of accent can be used bright variants of pistachio and pink combinations.

Pistachio color’s combination with universal gray 

Pistachio color can be combined with any tone of grey color and it brings a quiet nobility to your premises. The luxurious, but still neutral grey color can be a background for bright shades of pistachio color.

Pistachio shades combination with blue and turquoise colors

The room decorated in a combination of pistachio and predominates of turquoise or blue will be fresh and energetic, dynamic, creative and at the same time bold. Both colors combinations include cold notes, so if you want to use it, better use for the rooms located on the south side of the building.

Pistachio and violet combination

Pistachio color is warm and fresh, so it perfectly fit to be combined with bright and cold violet shades. Interior in this combination of colors will be original, bold and ultramodern. In this combination, you can decorate your living room with a high level of natural light. Add wood surfaces and it will bring a harmony, warmth, comfort, and coziness.

Pistachio color for the design of rooms with different functions

The choice of the color palette always should depend on the functionality of the particular room. The rest and relax – in the bedroom, in the office we want to stay in tone, the bright accents we add to the children’s room, and in the living room, we want to show our design abilities. If the space of premises is combined, the color can be used as zoning’s element, while in small rooms the color is used for a visual increase in volume.

Living room

Pistachio color often is chosen as a color of accent elements: curtains, sofa cushions, carpet. Thanks to the bright details, the living room will look original and fresh.

If you want a light and fresh image of the room with the bright surfaces, then use a light tone of pistachio, whitened color for the upholstery and textile decor.


A light pistachio color is often used to decorate bedrooms. Pastel pistachio color is calm, but not boring color. It is fresh but at the same time relaxing, so will perfectly is suited for the bedroom decoration. It will be an excellent background for bedroom’s furnishing.

Children’s room

Even specialists recommend this color for the children’s room decor. Decorate the walls with light shades and apply the bright tone for accent elements: textile design for the window and bed, bright upholstery, carpet and lamp shades.

Dining Room and Kitchen

The light pistachio color in the kitchen design can be used for the facades of a furniture set. It will look great in such styles of the interior as Provence, Country or Shabby Chic. If you want a bright elegant image of the kitchen – use a white background and the kitchen cabinets with facades of pistachio color. An image of non-trivial, colorful image – chose a brighter background and add a light pistachio kitchen set.

The bathroom

The choice of the bright tones of pistachio colors intensity in the decor of the bathroom depends largely on its size. Usually, the bathroom is a small room and has no window, so it is better to use bright shades as an accent. But if the bathroom has a good lighting, then you go for more colorful solutions.

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  1. Very interesting. It’s much nicer than the avocado of the ’70’s but I couldn’t help thinking back on that. The comparable car color of the era was called “lime gold” I think. I like seeing this stuff being a craftsperson – always alert to what colors of glass work might be desired.

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