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Little Waipa

One day we went on a drive and I wanted to find Sanctuary Mountain at Mt Maungatauri. In fact I’ve attempted this three times but in finding these places you can run out of time to find them. The first two times I went through Cambridge and actually going through Cambridge takes longer to get there.

Mt Maungatauri Sanctuary Mountain is a bird sanctuary. The bird sanctuary is surrounded by a rabbit proof fence and no predator can enter as the fence goes underground and is 9 feet high. The endangered birds inside would have no defence against the introduced pests like rats, stoats, weasels, ferrets, rabbits, opossums and other pests. It also houses the rare prehistoric Tuatara lizard indigenous to New Zealand. If these birds are not protected they may soon become extinct as a species.

So the 3rd time round we got to Mt Maungatauri through another town Te Awamutu. It was a really hot day and there was no shade in the parking area. I would leave my husband in the car in the hot sun and we take our small budgie, Louis,  with us on long trips. I could not leave either of them in the hot sun, my husband is disabled and can’t walk the distance, but yes he can walk a little. The visitor centre was too far for my husband as well. So I went got some pamphlets and will return in April when the weather is cooler and more forgiving.

We met a local woman farmer at the car park and then she directed us to Little Waipa Domain. These are photos of it. You can see it’s very pretty and not well known to tourists, although there were camper vans and tents up with people staying there.

#1 View of the Waikato from the car park at Little Waipa

This path is a walk way and cyclists use it. They can cycle or walk to the village of Arapuni, and by Arapuni is a hydro electric dam. This is the Waikato River.

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#2 More view of the Waikato River

There is a fence separating the Little  Waipa Domain from private farm land.

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#3 View of some of the campers at Little Waipa Domain

There are quite a few more campers here at Little Waipa Domain and there is a lot of activities that they can do.

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#4 View of the Farmer’s Field

I don't know what this field is used for but thought it very pretty, the grass or hay may be for hungry stock at a time food is scarce.

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#5 View of another field with food Crops

There is one plant growing and some sweet corn growing in this field. On the left is the road by which people enter Little Waipa Domain

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#6 Close up of the trial for Cyclists and Walkers and Waikato River

Not a bad sight.

  1. Thanks Kim, it’s great but even more interesting to be able to have the time to walk the trial. I like to take photos so, walking is what I would do or else load my camera on the bike if I was out of time

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#7 Gold Finch

I took a photo a some Gold finches but they were far away and would fly away if I came close. 

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#8 Waikato River view

The grounds are not manicured like a lot of city parks. The locals are farmers and most prefer it as is is.

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#9 Cyclists on the trial of Little Waipa Domain coming from Arapuni Village

There is a gate here where someone has to open it. It's always best to close the gate after yourself if you are going for a walk. There may be farm livestock on it like cows or sheep or they may enter it by accident. 

#10 Kayakers on Waikato River

You can get an idea of the activities to do here. Walking, Kayaking. I wouldn't recomend swimming. Even White water rafting on the Waikato not far away. 

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Written by Pamela Moresby