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Great findings on the shore…

Thailand beaches are mostly beautiful.  So every time we have a chance we go to recharge there.   We have been to different beaches here and, we love walking on the shore.These are a few of the findings we saw while strolling down the shore.

You can suggest a title for each photo if you have a free time.

Bright Idea

When we saw this, we wonder where this light bulb came from, we suspect from the fishing boats?  What do you think? 

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The shells that grew (I don't know if that is right) on the shell made this shell looks like a turkey.  

SHEll + tuRKEY =  Sherkey

The city of parasites

These little parasites stuck in this rubber slippers create a beautiful city of shells.

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A tulip for you.

We wonder what this is.   Shells form together or skeleton of an odd fish.   What do you think? 

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A muscle for a mussel

A muscle is needed to open this mussel.   Dead mussels are hard to open manually even after cooking them.

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Goodbye my friend

We felt sad when we saw this little fellow on the shore under the scorching heat of the sun.

Longing for you

This slipper has been waiting for her another pair to come.  The question is, "will it ever come, still"?  

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