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At the end of the world – the old Bulgarian villages

Are you tired of staying at home? Do you want to get a new experience. Visit a paradise. For your happiness, you need to travel to Bulgaria. It is enough to visit some of the magical villages, inhabited with calmness and spirit. Some may recall the childhood of a village, in the old house, surrounded only by what nature gives and human labor.

At that time the shepherds were the biggest pillars of the Bulgarian spirit, and thanks to them the village was flourishing. Even today there are villages untouched by the changes of time. The cobblestone streets seem to echo the steps of the Bulgarian ancestors. Every resident will gladly tell you a legend about the hard work, freedom, hospitality and love of the Bulgarians.

With its authentic architecture and unpretentiousness, the little-known Bulgarian villages will charm you and you will surely want to go back there.

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  1. Wow some fabulous photos there, thank you. It’s been years since I’ve visited Bulgaria but my partner went there twice this years and had some lovely experiencea in the little villages. He brought me back some fabulous homemade fig jam from a lady selling it by her front door

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