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Photos Chain Challenge – Wooden Bridge Over The Lake

The teme for this week of Ileana’s photo chain challenge is bridges

This photo is from Plitvice Lakes again, a place I wrote about a few days ago. I have to confess that I found these wooden bridges quite scary. Despite the fact that I managed to take a photo without people, the bridges were crowded most of the time with at least two lines of people, sometimes even three. At some places it was quite slippery and it felt like it’s easy to fall in the water. I don’t know about the depth of the lakes but who would like to be wet all day anyway. Luckily, there were no problems and the beautiful sight prevailed over my fear. 

  • Are you scared of walking on such bridges too?


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  1. I’m scared to walk in a narrow bridge especially over a lake. I have a bad and a memorable experience walking alone in a one-man wooden bridge when I was a kid. Two to three goats were running to pass the bridge while I was in the middle of it. I fell down onto the shallow canal of about three feet.


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