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Venice underwater.

Robin Biznis November 16.11.Belgrade, Serbia

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, visited by millions of tourists every year these days is experiencing unprecedented floods.Total horror for everyone in the city.

Source:AP Photo/Luca Bruno-Venice

The mayor of the city yesterday decided to close St. Mark’s Square completely.As the city is 80% underwater, a state of emergency has been declared.Italian Culture Minister Dario estimated that “the devastation is apocalyptic and total” in Venice.

There is a project to save Venice since 2013.But there was a lot of fraud when building,  a 19-door structure called “Moze”Because of the tragedy that has struck this city, this is not the first time I want to quote our president who said the following.The quote “” I was deeply shaken by the scenes of flooded Venice, that unique symbol of Italian and world civilization … Serbia is in these difficult moments with Italy and, as a trusted friend, ready, with strong support, to provide every kind of assistance in eliminating it the consequences of a natural disaster and the restoration of valuable cultural heritage “

He also said that Serbia will always remember the help of the Italian Government when Serbia was hit by the floods of 2014.

It is precisely in these difficult situations, regardless of the nature of the cataclysm that occurs to us, that human solidarity and a willingness to help another nation come to the fore.

I think people struggle for the survival of their species.

Source photo #Civiization

cover :Image by Ruth Archer from Pixabay


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  1. Very sorry for the flooding in your city. It is sad and very disturbing. I have been through a couple of floods with our home in Louisiana. The river bank gave way on one and another, the drainage just could not handle the rainfall. Our house is still gutted due to personal health and work schedules. Hopefully, we can get back to work on it once my husband retires next week.

  2. Venice underwater was a long projected sad reality. The great sea wall (more than 10 billion spent so far) is still non-functional. The waters continue to rise.

    The flooding is terrible. I feel horrible for those who live there.

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